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Our Mission

The Tooth Fairies is a non-profit company that seeks to bridge the education divide in underserved communities by providing scholars with the necessary resources and creating equal opportunities for them to complete their schooling careers and to follow their dreams.

Our Vision

At the Tooth Fairies, we value the quality of education for children to develop into responsible adults who will become change leaders for future generations. Therefore, we aim to facilitate programmes to build confidence in scholars both in their school subjects and in their personal lives. By enlisting the expertise of retired teachers, nurses and craftsmen from the same community, we uplift the community by using the competencies of the people to address the needs of the learners of the community.

Our Goal

The dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution indicates the start of an era where technological innovation is paramount for individuals to create opportunities to benefit from the global economy. It is essential that all children, as masters of their own destinies, are adequately prepared for this new age. Tooth Fairies will aim to keep abreast of the needs of scholars as they develop and change, while keeping up with global trends in educating children.

About Us

The Tooth Fairies is built on a desire to affect change in communities where social issues like sexual abuse, early pregnancies, drug abuse and unemployment are rife. Children are often the victims of the circumstances in which they are raised and do not have the support structures needed to offer these children better opportunities than the ones their parents and grandparents had. The Tooth Fairy is a symbol of wonder, innocence and hope and at The Tooth Fairies, our goal is to help children to dream again and to believe that a better future is possible if they set their sights on it and work for it. Our vision is to build a healthy and better society, one child at a time

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16 Elberta Street, Grabouw, 7160

Johannes Watts - johannes@thetoothfairies.org

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